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Start Infusing Google's 20% Time into the Classroom

Google is famous for their 20%-Time where, on Fridays, they allow their employees to work on personal projects on company time with company resources. The only catch is that they must present their projects to the rest of the team when they're through. This practice not only endears the employees to the company but also encourages creativity and passion within the employees. Solutions to tough problems, new ways of thinking and innovative products stem from these Fridays where Googlers are let loose to chase their own dreams. These sorts of practices, I believe, are worth looking at within other contexts beyond Google.

What would happen if, on Fridays, schools turned into incubators of creativity and passion?

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How Non-Geniuses Can Become Successful

Today, I was watching a TED Talk by Angela Lee Duckworth called "The Key to Success? Grit."

In her study to determine the x-factor that contributes to success, she discovered that it wasn't IQ. It wasn't social intelligence. It wasn't even good timing.

It was grit.

Across the board, despite industries, ages, genders, occupations and activities, those who saw the finish line and said, "That's where I'm heading." and worked diligently to arrive, were the ones who made it.

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14 Reasons I Consume Books Like Bacon

In a time when people are reading almost constantly whether it be a text message or an advertisement, it really is quite incredible how few books are being read. The long-form book is rarely appreciated for what it truly brings to the table. In my own recent efforts to become a better man, I wanted to reacquaint myself with the physical, hard-copy book that I used to know and love. It wasn't until I began reading regularly that I fell in love with reading again. I hope you'll join me in my reading adventures. Perhaps, first, we should look to the benefits of reading. The following fourteen listed here are benefits that I have come to see first-hand in my own life.

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If real life was as cool as a video game...

I woke up and rolled over, turning off the alarm. Looking at my clock, I saw it was around one in the morning. I silently crept into the computer room, switched on the monitor and my face lit up with the cool glow. I pulled up a web browser - I think it may have been Internet Explorer back then - and did a quick Google search for... 

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