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Bridge Over Troubled Waters - Part I (Guest Blog by Micah Webber)

The web is chock-full of pithy anecdotes and vague cliché's. I promise you now, I'll do my best to stay away from those hackneyed phrases that lazy writers and lazier thinkers are so often prone to throw about. In fact, let's lay them right out there in the open.

"Life's a journey, so just enjoy the ride." When you're traveling, life's continual movement, its ceaseless flow, is so much more tangible. You feel as if you are so much more aware of time actually passing you by as you walk through new situations, new places, new thoughts. But no one knows exactly what "enjoying the ride" means, let alone how to do it.

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Walking with Both Eyes Open

Our trip has been a whirlwind - new cities, surreal landscapes and unique opportunities for experiences of a lifetime. And being a photographer, it has been difficult for me to take my eye away from the camera, open up the other and just take it all in. The waterfalls and the moss on the rocks.

Life has a way of sweeping past us one second at a time. The problem with seconds though, is that, like pennies, they add up. Before you know it, you've got a dollar (or a pound, as it may be) and it's tomorrow.

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Taking Your Dream by the Hand

Fanciful dreams are most often attributed to the children, the hippies and the world changers. Not the average folks. Not you and me.

"I once had some dreams... But you know how it goes. Life just happens and stuff gets in the way. I'm just being realistic."

Life happens. And we're just along for the ride, our crazy plans left standing, forsaken, at the bus stop. Why have we left them rather than taking them by the hand and dragging them along on our journey through life? Who says dreams aren't "realistic"? Isn't reality what you make it to be? Whether I choose to see my dream through or leave it stranded in my past, is my choice and my reality. I don't mean "reality" in some alternate universe and not by some "subjective truth" nonsense. Actual real life.

So I wonder. What purposeful action have you taken so that your dreams can ride along?

Lifestyle design is all about crafting a strategy to allow your lifestyle to be congruent with your dreams rather than trying to cram your dreams into your already-booked schedule.

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Please, Sir... don't waste my life.

The desert sun warms your face as you lay on your back, struggling to draw a breath. Your hand moves down to your side and you can feel the hot, sticky pool of red brightly staining your sand-colored BDUs. As you begin to feel your consciousness flutter, you flash back to the moment it all started.

You wonder, "what did I choose to give my life for?"
"Ahhhh," you whisper... "now I remember."

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