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Start Infusing Google's 20% Time into the Classroom

Google is famous for their 20%-Time where, on Fridays, they allow their employees to work on personal projects on company time with company resources. The only catch is that they must present their projects to the rest of the team when they're through. This practice not only endears the employees to the company but also encourages creativity and passion within the employees. Solutions to tough problems, new ways of thinking and innovative products stem from these Fridays where Googlers are let loose to chase their own dreams. These sorts of practices, I believe, are worth looking at within other contexts beyond Google.

What would happen if, on Fridays, schools turned into incubators of creativity and passion?

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What comes first, the action or the passion?

Without a doubt, one of my favorite things to do is to listen to people speak about the things they are passionate about. This is the reason I'm clinically obsessed with TED talks. Perhaps you know how I feel. When the person believes in what they are saying with all of their being, you can see it in their eyes, in their expression, in the way they walk. That sort of euphoric love of something is contagious. I don't even have to like whatever the topic is - it could be biology - and I'll sit on the edge of my seat grinning from ear to ear as I listen to this person go on and on about microbes and slime.

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6 Check-Points Along the Road to Success

I knew I had to begin somewhere, so I started with my bi-annual routine of cleaning the place up, but instead of putting old things in a box or a bag to put on the side so the place looks clean, I decided to throw things away. This can be a hard step for some, but a good step forward. Then I picked out things that were necessary and put everything else away. This made me realize that the stuff I put away wasn’t really something I needed, so I got rid of that stuff as well. Soon, I had a healthy environment and good habits of keeping a clean de-cluttered room. (Keep in mind that this did not happen over night!)

Now I was ready to take a similar step in my life! I had to do many of the things Jacob mentions in Story Arc. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. It’s a short summarized read for what I learned over a span of 3-4 years! Don’t expect to make those changes over a few days, it takes time to change, but if you have an action plan and a goal you are striving toward…you are ahead of the crowd!

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6 Classic Skills Men Should Know

What does it mean to be "manly"?

A quick Google search brings up this: Manly - Adj - having or denoting those good qualities traditionally associated with men, such as courage and strength.

Today’s society has tried to redefine what it means to be a man, and while that theoretical debate is for another time, some things in this world will always be manly in a classical sense. Here’s a short list of things that every manly man should know.

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Stop pursuing your dream with reckless abandon!

I love listening to motivational speakers because, most often, it's like listening to stand-up comedy.

"Do you have a dream, ma'am? Yes ma'am, you in the front row, red sweater. Do you have a dream? May I ask what it is?"
"Um... okay... to... to have my own cooking show."
"And what an incredible dream that is! Give her a round of applause for her courage folks."
"Ma'am... you've just admitted to us what your dream is... that took courage. Now the biggest step is over with. We're all going to be here to support you along your journey as you pursue your dream. Pursue it with gusto! Pursue it with vigor! Pursue it with a reckless abandon!"

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What Legacy Will You Leave?

Edmund Morris, in his book "The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt", quotes Roosevelt as saying,

“From time to time little men will come along to find fault with what you have done…they will go down the stream like bubbles, they will vanish; but the work you have done will remain for the ages."
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