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Life doesn't suck when you refocus on this promise

When something is not actively present in our lives - especially something as abstract as an idea - it becomes relatively easy to let it slip out of our minds. I think in our pews-and-hymnals faith, we often forget that what lies ahead is far greater than what is in store for us on this earth. A new heaven and a new earth holds the promise of a perfect, loving Creator in fellowship with His creation. Us. Can you image that?

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Collecting Experiences; Not Possessions

Driven by inspiration from Joshua Becker at "Becoming Minimalist" and Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus at "The Minimalists", I began to realize how much stock was put into material possessions but how little value we actually derive from them. Sure, we have to have some things to live comfortably and some things we have simply as a convenience - I'm not advocating poverty - but the psychological state of mind that drives us to collect things (materialism) at the cost of living is becoming more rampant.

What if, instead of collecting things, we collected experiences?

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