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Setting Value-Based Goals

Goals are interesting - I’ve written on them before and it seems no post is ever a catch-all. Everyone has goals but they set and pursue their goals in vastly different ways. Interestingly enough, the different stages of goal setting closely follow Kohlberg's Six Stages of Moral Development.

Though I haven’t performed a study, I’d bet that the bell-curve of the Six Stages of Moral Development and the bell-curve of Goal Setting are very similar. On the primal level, everyone has some sort of goal like eating food, while further up the scale, people tend to fall off.  I’ll give you some examples and let you determine for yourself.

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Defining Your Foundations

By nature we are creatures of habit. We are a people who settle into a routine or have regular tendencies or practices that we rarely deviate from once we are comfortable. Let me encourage you to consider your habits and examine them to see if they are good, effective, practical, or profitable. Living a life of practicality and relational intentionality will get you far ahead in life. However, in order to obtain a successful life, one must analyze his foundation first.

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I FAILED a few of my 2014 goals

2014 was an incredible year for me, full of "firsts," full of adventure and full of transition.

I don't remember setting up any formal New Years Resolutions for myself. I scoured my room and computer anyway and couldn't find any written down anywhere. Shame on me. However, I know that I made two resolutions in my head, both of which which I completed so I guess that counts for something.

1. [CHECK] Read one book every two weeks or 26 books over the course of the year (I've read 30 so far and the year's not over - here are some of my favorites)

2. [CHECK] Publish my first book before my 22nd birthday (which was my Golden birthday, by the way)

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Taking Your Dream by the Hand

Fanciful dreams are most often attributed to the children, the hippies and the world changers. Not the average folks. Not you and me.

"I once had some dreams... But you know how it goes. Life just happens and stuff gets in the way. I'm just being realistic."

Life happens. And we're just along for the ride, our crazy plans left standing, forsaken, at the bus stop. Why have we left them rather than taking them by the hand and dragging them along on our journey through life? Who says dreams aren't "realistic"? Isn't reality what you make it to be? Whether I choose to see my dream through or leave it stranded in my past, is my choice and my reality. I don't mean "reality" in some alternate universe and not by some "subjective truth" nonsense. Actual real life.

So I wonder. What purposeful action have you taken so that your dreams can ride along?

Lifestyle design is all about crafting a strategy to allow your lifestyle to be congruent with your dreams rather than trying to cram your dreams into your already-booked schedule.

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