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3 Tips to Maximize Your Creative Time over the Weekend

When you're excited about a personal project, you'll know. You might get started, intending only to spend thirty minutes on it, but when you look up at your clock and hours have past without you knowing... that's when you're on to something. You become engrossed in it, even to the point of skipping meals and forgetting to go to the bathroom until it's almost too late.

The problem? It's a side project - it's not our real job. We can't spend eight hours a day on this project. We have to resort to filling in the cracks of our schedule, in between work and the kid's soccer practice, after date night, or on the weekends.

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At the end of the day, did it matter?

Well, did it?

When you went to sleep last night, did you consider your day successful? If so, by what standard? You see, we can spend our days agonizing over emails, talking for hours with a feisty client, running errands around town or updating our Facebook profile - all of which may need to get done - but were you able to do something that matters to you?

Measure your day against your metric for a successful day and see what you come up with.

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The Psychology of Your Environment

Everyone who knows me well knows that I like to keep a clean and semi-orderly workspace. In fact, before I sit down to write I grab a cup of coffee, light a candle, put on some instrumental music, and straighten up my space. I always thought it was because I was a neat-freak... but that doesn't make any sense. My car, while uncluttered, has dirt and leaves on the floor mats that I haven't bothered to clean out from my last camping trip. What's the difference between my obsessive need for cleanliness and order in my work space but not in my car? Why don't those traits carry over to every aspect of my life?

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Small Wins Motivate Big Victories

Bad habits die hard and good habits come slowly. This is why it is important for us to begin small. Small tasks are generally easier to manage, don't take up too much time and aren't as intimidating. You're confident that you can complete this task with no sweat. Begin small, win small. This concept of small wins is a clever way to seduce our brains into committing to something that will turn into a much larger undertaking.

I once heard an example given for flossing your teeth. It's a hard habit to adopt - I've tried! But what if I commit to flossing one tooth per day. Just one.

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The Index Card

"The Index Card" - a sleek 3x5 white card, blank on one side and ruled on the other. Fold it in half and you're looking at the perfect tool to organize your day. You have four sides to the card once it has been halved which allows you to split up your various lists while keeping them in one place.

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