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The positive impact of quitting on our quality of life.

From a world where websites, social accounts, and movements can come to life within a few hours (if not, minutes), has sprung a new trend: starting something. This growing craze of starting a new project, a new book, a new blog or a new exercise program challenges a very established mental stigma against quitting. Quitting, for obvious reasons, holds a lot of negative connotation. You're not going to have millions of people starting new things without a fair percentage of them quitting half-way through.

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On Quitting Church...

To those who may be angry or confused:

What is Christianity?

To some, it's a systematic approach to the world through a faith-based lense. It simply gives them an easy answer where there wouldn't ordinarily be one. 

To others, it's a crutch upon which Bible-believing scientists, historians and writers get to pass Go! and collect $200, copping out of the "truth".

Many see it as a organized, well-put-together list of rituals and practices that help you rejoice in the good times, take comfort in the bad times and gives you a hope that there is something else out there other than what we can see.

But pure Christianity, stripped of its cultural bells and whistles, is a commitment to knowing Christ. Until we get there, we haven't adopted it truly; we have only adopted the habitual practices - prayer, Church, mission trips, youth lock-ins - that accompany it.

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