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6 Inspirational Manifestos for Simple, Impactful Living

Manifestos are the rallying cry of a greater purpose. It's the "why" for a movement, an organization or an individual. It reaches past the mind and into the heart, to surface beliefs, values and purpose that drive the way we live.

To both motivate and embolden you, here are six manifestos that inspire a simple, yet impactful life.

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52 Blog Topics to Get You Started

When we go back to our roots - stories were how we communicated. It allowed us to show others what we understood and why we understood it instead of trying to trick them, seduce them, or force them into aligning their worldview with ours. Stories often resonate with people because it leads them to a familiar experience. Sometimes those familiar experiences are ones that tap into an old memory and bring back to life a wealth of emotion. Sometimes, however, we can tell a story that takes people back to experiences they wished they had. This is equally as powerful as we are able to give them a taste of what can be instead of what was. We can inspire, connect, explain, and resonate through story.

I have put together a list of 52 Blog Topics to give you an action plan for the next year (post once per week). These topics will allow you to Inspire, Equip, Counsel and Refer your readers, engaging them on a personal and meaningful level. Tell beautiful stories!

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