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You’re seeing the wrong “little things”.

Anyone who has ever traveled by airplane can understand the frustration that can come with it.  The woman ahead of you in the check-in line can’t find her ID.  You’re randomly chosen for a pat-down by the friendly TSA officers.  As you’re rushing to your gate, it seems like everyone in front of you is taking a Sunday stroll.

“Why is it that people turn into gawking idiots in airports when I’m in a hurry?!” indignant, you think to yourself as you weave through the terminal.  Your blood pressure is rising as you arrive at the gate to find your flight is delayed.  For ten minutes more.  Excuses.  It’s delayed an hour now.  Looks like you’re going to have to really rush to catch your connecting flight.  Naturally, you don’t get the window seat you wanted, and you’re sitting next to Mr. Important-Laptop-Using-Businessman-Armrest-Hog (side note: don’t be that guy).

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Facing Anxiety (when you don't have the answers)


Even the word gives me a feeling of uneasiness. Anxiety and stress plague even the most easy-going of people, and I know it is something I have to be mindful of daily to hang onto sanity. Life is not always a walk in the park, but that doesn’t mean anxiety gets to weigh us down. For me, balancing college classes, family, graduate school planning, social life, and general responsibilities that come with being alive can seem overwhelming. Whether you’re a 20-something trying to plough through college or in your 50’s climbing the corporate ladder, all of us face decisions and situations that aren’t always easily resolvable. There’s a few things you should know if you feel like you’re breaking under the weight of worry, anxiety and stress.

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