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The gift is nothing without the work.

I'm constantly blown away by the talented people that surround me in my city, my church, my creative community and my family. People who have a knack for words, dance or paint. People who have invested hours upon hours of time and energy into their craft, honing the rough edges and discovering the nuances that make all the difference.

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What if real life was an art project?

I was talking with a buddy of mine over lunch on Monday about the nature of art. He told me a story of someone confronting him about a particular Instagram series that he had started which involved image manipulation to create some really cool shots. This person said his series was a manipulation of the real world. Now whether they meant it as a jab or an offhanded comment, I can't say for certain. Nonetheless, we found the comment interesting.

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He Was Only 26 - making every minute count

26 years in his life.
365 days in a year.
24 hours in a day.
60 minutes in an hour.

=13,665,600 minutes.

It is recorded that Michelangelo sculpted one of his masterpieces and one of the crown jewels of the Renaissance - the acclaimed "David" - at the ripe age of twenty-six. While it may be argued that it was a product of genius, it is also recorded that the world-renown prodigy produced numbers of pieces (research how many) before his masterpiece surfaced.

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