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Obscurity is Your License to Experiment

One million views on YouTube. One hundred thousand Instagram followers. Half a million likes on Facebook. That's what so many artists covet isn't it? The recognition — the eyes on their work. To get noticed, to be praised and to be criticized because even the haters are proof that your work is getting seen. And that's what every artist hopes for. A chance to be seen.

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The Rise of the Hybrid Creative

Everyone gets their chance now which means only the best rise to the top. And the best... will be the people who understand that being an artist isn't enough. We're all creatives... but we're also having to become publishers... and marketers... and data analysts... and salesmen... and entrepreneurs.

We're all having to become hybrids.

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The average American wastes 43 days every year.

History is being made right now. What are you doing to make your mark? We read stories of great men and women throughout the last 100 years braving the frigid cold of the Arctic or modern day adventurers climbing snow summits in Iceland. These are compelling, engaging stories and guess what! You could be those people. After reading about the exotic adventures and meaningful discoveries that people are making, I have to wonder, "what am I doing?" We live in such an incredible world with adventure waiting on every side of us. I caught the bug over this past summer as I backpacked for two months across eleven countries. After returning home from that trip I couldn't help but see TV for what it is - a waste of a beautiful life. My friend, Micah, and I climbed to the peak of the tallest mountain in Ireland, jumped into the fairy pools in Scotland, saw Phantom of the Opera in London, hammocked in a coastal village in Italy, drank tea from a pier overlooking a crystal lake in Switzerland, got pick-pocketed in Rome, slept in a tent during a thunderstorm in Venice, soaked in the mineral pools of Budapest and drank wine under the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Television... lol

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