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The Fears of a New Blogger (Guest Blog by Alex Robertson)

I began a blog three years ago.
But I didn't start blogging until this summer.
I was very scared to start because of so many people that have started before have failed.
Started and stop being faithful.
Or they were the crazy people who no one ever read.
Or they are so abstract that no one understands them.
I wanted to write on religious matters - but that had been done.
I wanted to write on topics that the modern church was facing - but that had been done.
So, I did just that.

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How to Start Your Blog

My relationship with blogging began back when there were two main platforms: Wordpress and Blogger. I hopped on with Blogger very early because it was a Google product before eventually switching to Wordpress' platform at the urging of my Dad who had been using it for his business website. Over the years, I have blogged from at least five platforms and have experimented with nearly a dozen more. Due to its increase in popularity over the last decade, there has arisen numerous ways of building, customizing, and running blogs. I am giving you the simplest and quickest way of getting a blog started without compromising aesthetic beauty or functionality. It'll take you about 15 minutes.

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7 Good Blogging Habits

Blogging, like any form of writing, is unique to the individual. The habits that help Steven King crank out dozens of best-selling novels are vastly different from the habits that help Timothy Ferriss build an empire around his three "4-Hour" books. However, in our quest to write well, there are tid-bits that tend to help us not suck quite so badly.

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7 Reasons to Begin Blogging

I have started blogging on at least three occasions, failing each time within months. I found myself unable to keep to a posting schedule, unable to write anything of worth to anyone else and lacking motivation to write anything at all six days out of the week. This was, in part, due to my inability to write well which was prolonged by a multi-year long stint of reading nothing but school text books and photography gear reviews. Whatever the case may have been, I have found myself increasingly motivated to write over the past year and a half which has resulted in this blog and a corresponding book. So what changed? My purpose.

This post goes out to the courageous ones who want to start blogging. To you, I want to simply ask, "why?".

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