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Simplifying the Dormant Clutter

Two things happened in the past week that reminded me of the weight of dormant responsibilities. The first was that I filed my taxes and, rather than file only my W2 from my employer, I had to file for the minimal amount of freelance income through my photography/design business I started 3 years ago. The second was that I got a notice in the mail that my business account had been overdrawn for seven days and I owed the bank $4.34. I had mostly emptied my business account and it has lain dormant for nearly a year now since I've started at the creative agency but rather than shut it down, I had left it open, accumulating small fees here and there that slowly eaten away at the few remaining dollars that I had left in the account.

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Big Business Isn't Cool Anymore

Just one generation ago, big business was where everything happened. Now, we're in an age of entrepreneurship and limitless potential. In the past, people would work at one job their entire lives - today, people quit, move on, start their own projects, enjoy the freedom, collaborate, explore and take risks.

Some of these risks have manifested themselves in game changing ways. Entire industries have been expanded, modified or completely disbanded because of brave people willing to go for it. Boundaries in innovation, creativity, industry, business and technology should be pushed - the results are empowering.

Let's take a look at a few...

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Free Tool To Validate Your Business Idea

Imagine waking up to a larger bank account than you had when you fell asleep. Crazy right?

It's a reality for a lot of people who have created a passive, online (usually) business and it can be a reality for you too. WARNING: it takes some hard work in the beginning, but the payoff will come! People around the world are pursuing what they love and turning into a full-time, sustainable business that generates enough revenue to support their family.

The best part is that you don't have to go pro right off the bat. Growing a business takes time and you can start off by just earning an extra $500-$1,000 per month to give you some extra spending money (or capital to grow your business!).

Here are the first four steps to testing your business idea - you can do these in 10 minutes or less using the tool that I'm giving you guys at the bottom of this post. Hopefully, this will at least show you the feasibility of starting a business.

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