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Square One Part VI: are you part of the secret club?

You can't escape it.

It bombards you at every turn and is embedded into your heart from the time you're born.

It's the need to belong. We're communal creatures and we long to know that to someone... somewhere... we belong. Mostly we just want to be a part of a club that meets in a treehouse and has a top secret password like "open sesame." But for those of us not fortunate enough to get in with the cool kids, we just want to know we're loved without condition.

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Square One Part III: The hard choice is really quite simple

One battle that consistently plagues the Christian community is the battle of homosexuality. Is it actually a sin? Did we read into scripture too deeply? Was that really what Paul was talking about? This debate is just a more well-exposed debate among Christians because of its cultural relevance but there are many debates like this one over what constitutes sin and where the loopholes are. I can't help but laugh at some of the arguments I hear tossed around because one of the beautiful things about Scripture is its clarity when it comes to sin.

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Square One Part II: why you should give up on the pursuit of happiness

The pursuit of happiness was penned into the Declaration of Independence because the Founding Fathers understood that a continual search for happiness is fundamental to our existence. When you ask a parent what they wish for their child, inevitably they respond, "to be happy." If you ask an individual what they seek out of life, you'll often hear, "to be happy." And the pursuit of this elusive happiness is what motivates much of our lives. The fact that Jefferson preceded "happiness" with "pursuit of" indicates the constancy of the pursuit. Happiness is not easily gotten, yet is easily lost. We live each day in a constant pursuit of it because you can't hang on to that feeling by simply existing - you must fight for it every moment.

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