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Jolibois Family Christmas Card 2018

There aren’t many years that have been quite as pivotal as 2018 for our family.

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Jolibois Family Christmas Card 2017

This year was our 8th year of our family Christmas Cards and, once again, it was quite the production!

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Jolibois Family Christmas Card 2016

We're more than aware of the amount of loss that has been sustained by the flood which is why we were initially hesitant to make light of it through our card this year. But if we're being honest, there's really no other response. It happened. We grieved the loss. We're moving forward. Same as everyone else. And we've heard countless others share similar sentiments to ours, that, "if we don't find the good in this situation, we'll be overwhelmed by the bad." So we're finding the good.

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5 Simple Essays to Prime Yourself for the Holidays

No time to write a full post - I'm busy enjoying a large plate of turkey and about a dozen different pies. But if you're itching for some good reading, I've got you covered. Here are five good reads to put the holidays into perspective.

Be mindful. Embrace simplicity. Serve others. Live well.

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