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How to gain a 3-5 year head-start right out of college

Every job position requires 3-5 years of experience but no one will hire you for 3-5 years to help you get it, ammiright?

I know the struggle - I was there just over a year ago. Why is this? The reason isn't because everyone's in on this evil plot to force you back into your parent's basement. Especially not your parents. The reason is that employers realize that the first three years of being employed right out of college are when many young adults get their first real taste of the working world and - as with any new environment - there's an acclamation period. A time when the employee learns the things you don't really get taught in college. Stuff like grit, creativity, initiative and self-reliance. Sure, you get some of that in college. You cook grits in the microwave, you get creative with the answers on a test and you rely on yourself to show up to class on time but it's hard to fully learn their importance until you're asked to take on something much bigger than a 20-page paper.

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12 Things to Have by Graduation

Having recently graduated college, I have an incredibly clear hindsight of what was worth my time and investment over the last four years. Here are ten things that I have found to be invaluable in making a clean transition.

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