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Turning Competitors into Teammates

Just a few days ago I spent an evening visiting with a friend of mine, Sean Richardson, who I hadn’t seen in months. In the last month, we had each launched a podcast unbeknownst to the other.

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A Feeling of Belonging

In my last post, I gave a few preliminary thoughts on putting down roots. Calling a place home. With the recent events in Baton Rouge — the shootings and floods — it’s been very evident that community is the cornerstone of “home-ness.” Anyone not willing to call Baton Rouge home would have skedaddled weeks ago. They would have had to settle into a new house, a new job and a new routine and, while they may have temporarily escaped tragedy, they would have missed out on something special.

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A Few Thoughts on Putting Down Roots

I was recently talking with one of my friends about the concept of putting down roots. Calling a place home and settling in. For a long time, I thought that idea was boring, un-adventurous and a bit too traditional for me. I had plans to see the world, move often and maybe live overseas for a year. To me, anything other than that life was giving up on the lifestyle of adventure and non-conformity that I wanted for myself.

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A broken city is your invitation to serve, not leave.

You can shout excuses at me about funding, infrastructure and politics all you want but unless you've put your energy and resources behind a push for change, I'm betting you're just a complainer like the rest. Is there something in your city that you don't like? Maybe that's your invitation to go serve there. It's your city — start shaping it into what you want it to become.

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You are the Average of Your Friend Group

Moving back to Baton Rouge after having been away for most of four years has opened my eyes to the power of context within community. Context refers to space and environment in which your life is lived out. To illustrate, if two brothers decided to go to different schools - one to Liberty University and the other to UCLA, though they come from the same background, they're both students and they both are attending school, their context is quite different and it is highly plausible that they will return after graduation as vastly different people. The characters of a story shape the plot and the hero.

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If I have fallen in love with a God who isn't real...

If I have fallen in love with a God who isn't real... then I have been joyful when I should have been sad.

If I have fallen in love with a God who isn't real... then I have been at peace when I should have been scared.

If I have fallen in love with a God who isn't real... then I have had compassion toward others for no good reason.

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