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Why everyone must become a content creator

Content creators are becoming some of the most valuable assets to brands. Companies and organizations often hire dedicated employees to fill these positions because they are beginning to understand that content tells a story and story is how we communicate. A content creator is a fairly intuitive term - it refers to someone who creates content to be digested by a specific audience to add value and spread awareness. We're not talking about ads. We're talking about blog posts, videos, images, social media posts and more.

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How to Start Your Blog

My relationship with blogging began back when there were two main platforms: Wordpress and Blogger. I hopped on with Blogger very early because it was a Google product before eventually switching to Wordpress' platform at the urging of my Dad who had been using it for his business website. Over the years, I have blogged from at least five platforms and have experimented with nearly a dozen more. Due to its increase in popularity over the last decade, there has arisen numerous ways of building, customizing, and running blogs. I am giving you the simplest and quickest way of getting a blog started without compromising aesthetic beauty or functionality. It'll take you about 15 minutes.

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