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Why should we create?

From my blog to my books, to my upcoming podcast, to my career — a majority of what I invest my time in is creating content. And then I turn a stare into the ocean of content that bombards us every day on social media, websites and apps and realize a very stark truth: if I wasn't creating this content for myself, I'd be inclined to give up.

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5 Technologies Revolutionizing the Future

But while a few people are making headlines through acts of evil, there are armies of people who are working together toward a greater good — toward a peaceful, abundant future. We're living in an age of advancement that is both exciting and hopeful and it's good for us to dream about the possibilities. Given 10 years, technological innovations will disrupt energy, healthcare, shopping, manufacturing, exploration, transportation, communication and virtually every area of our lives. We're just on the cusp and I want to show you a few glimpses into what our future holds:

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Creating Alone vs. Collaboration

I recently celebrated my 1-year work-iversery with an insanely talented creative team and I've realized that over the past year, not only have I created better work, but I've enjoyed the creative process more! Surrounding yourself and working with other people who are more talented than you are, is the single quickest way to learn, create and advance.

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