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The 100 Days Project — a lesson in showing up

On May first I started a project called #100DaysOfLettering in which I practice hand lettering at least once a day for 100 days straight. It's a personal project that is part of a larger movement called The 100 Days Project started by Elle Luna and The Great Discontent. The premise is simple (which is why it's so attractive).

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After 1 year of writing 3,000 words a week...

It's been over a year since I started this blog. Three hundred and ninety-two days to be exact. Looking back on a year of three 1,000-word posts a week, I've seen a few things from my creative process that - at least for right now - I know to be true.



1. It doesn't get a lot easier

Of course, my writing took on more form and style and the process itself became easier as I learned more about structure and story. But the problem with any form of artistic expression is that you'll always run into the same issue whether you're 28 or 88: creative block. I find myself regularly staring at a blank page because the process of creating isn't as simple as turning a switch on and off. It's either an intentional, slow process or an unexpected burst of creative inspiration. From that perspective, the issues that plagued me as a young writer still plague me now as a... slightly older, young writer.

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