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5 Shared Traits Among Elite Performers

Our society really likes to put labels on those who perform at levels above even the best performers. "Elite" is good but there are those who even blow that standard out of the water in nearly every field. The National Basketball Association had a whole ad campaign asking the question, "Where will you be when amazing happens?" What followed the question was a whole slough of highlights from past seasons. As a big basketball fan and a marketing guy, I watched every highlight from every game from that season because I really didn't want to miss anything amazing happening.

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Your Mind: Warehouse or Laboratory?

I Google things all day e'ry day. Rarely is there a day that goes by where I'm not looking up a definition, a wikipedia article or a "how-to" video on YouTube. If I'm curious about something, I don't have to flip through encyclopedias or wade through volumes of textbooks... heck, I don't even have to spell it correctly when I search! Because the internet opens doors for us to explore our existence with a few finger-clicks and a couple scrolls.

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The Benefits of Flirting with "Insanity"

Herd mentalities are neither a myth nor uncommon. We see it every day, built right into the tools and entertainment we use. Amazon and Netflix use peer rating systems because they understand that we trust our friends more than we do big box businesses. Artists, technicians and others in the service sector use testimonials because if your friends and neighbors are saying they're the best, you'll begin to believe it as fact. And of course, everyone is fighting against everyone else to build up their following so that they can stick their own hand in the cookie jar of influence.

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