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I have a sneaking suspicion...

There’s been a lot of suspicion lately. Of Whites. Of Blacks. Of Republicans. Of Democrats. Of Christians. Of Non-Christians. And though suspicion may be rooted in terrible experiences, no good will grow from it. Suspicion breeds mistrust. And mistrust breeds divisiveness.

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Some politically incorrect thoughts on our high-strung, overly-sensitive culture

It's time that our nation grew a pair (sorry, was that offensive?) and moved past the petty offenses that seem to put everyone in a perpetually sour mood. We have a chance to upgrade ourselves and live by intentional choice not by emotional flash floods. What if everyone assumed that the "offensive" comment or tone or look or action was not actually intended to offend? I'm thinking we might find ourselves in the midst of a more pleasant society.

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Culture Isn’t Found in a Bean Bag Chair

Workplaces are obsessed with culture. Of course, everyone wants to create the feel of the Googleplex or TwitterHQ — those brands are cool and innovative. In an effort to mold our workplaces to adopt the cultures of these behemoth organizations, we throw beanbag chairs and chalk walls at the problem not stopping to think about what makes a specific company culture work.

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Mistakes are not okay. Why does our culture celebrate them?

One of the most telling statements of our time is "mistakes are okay." In three words, the asinine need of our culture to be politically correct, tolerant and unoffensive is laid bare. While the intention of creating a peaceful, loving culture is rooted in a good place, statements that accept the bad along with the good are building blocks that create lazy, entitled wimps. Injustices, purposeful or otherwise, are being met with a slap on the wrist and discounted as a "learning process" when they should have been met with appropriate punishment. No... mistakes are not okay. For those who need a reminder, mistakes refer to events that were NOT supposed to take place.

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Badges of Dishonor: our culture's obsession with foolish habits

Our culture openly praises foolishness.

I wish I could make exceptions for my friends, family... even myself. Yet it seems that no matter what situation I find myself in, I'm greeted by the incessant boasting of feats that do nothing but publicly display the boaster's ignorance, lack of self-control or, in some instances, complete idiocy. If I may make a reference to pop culture to illustrate my point, turn your attention to one of our "stars."

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