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Spotting the Fool’s Gold in Your Life

The mineral Pyrite is an iron sulfide with a pale yellow hue and metallic luster that gives it the appearance of gold earning it the nickname “Fool’s Gold.” So while, on the surface, it has the appearance of value, in reality, it’s just another rock. I feel like life can present you with a lot of Fool’s Gold that looks really wonderful at first glance. But on further inspection, you realize you’ve been given a dud.

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You can afford the time; just not the distraction

I know you've had these sorts of days: you're getting some work done and you're in your flow state where everything is happening seamlessly without you having to think about it. You know every step you need to take, two steps before you take it and it's perfect. You're in the midst of creating the best work of your life and then... the phone rings.

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