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How to Build a Life of Maximum Return

As I grow up and try my hand at this whole “adult” thing, I’ve been putting a lot of thought and energy into the idea of investments. Whether it’s stocks or real estate, passive or aggressive, dividends or no dividends, simple or complicated, there are an endless number of strategies and theories that claim to be the best way to invest. The more I do my homework, the more conversations I have and the more I ask myself what I truly want out of life, I’ve begun to realize that the theories that steer the way we invest also steer many other areas of our lives.

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Garden Math: a simple formula for multiplying actions into opportunities

If you're any good at math, you know the percentage of failure is much higher when only one seed is planted than if many seeds are planted. So what if, instead of planting only one seed, you took a bit of extra time to scatter a few more? It doesn't require much more effort than throwing one seed but with every handful, the chances of one seed sprouting grows higher and higher (horrible pun intended). Investors call it diversification.

I call it Garden Math.

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