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Supercharging Your Learning by Teaching

You always think you know something until someone asks you if you wouldn't mind standing up and explaining it to the class. When you're standing there in the spotlight with every ear tuned in to what YOU have to say, you suddenly wonder if you ever knew it at all.

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Thinking about a liberal arts degree? Think about this first.

Ahh that age old question of what you should go to school for. Many are even questioning if higher education is even worth our time any more. I do think it's worth our time, but that's for another entry. Let's assume you're already planning on going to college. What should you get your degree in?

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Mistakes are not okay. Why does our culture celebrate them?

One of the most telling statements of our time is "mistakes are okay." In three words, the asinine need of our culture to be politically correct, tolerant and unoffensive is laid bare. While the intention of creating a peaceful, loving culture is rooted in a good place, statements that accept the bad along with the good are building blocks that create lazy, entitled wimps. Injustices, purposeful or otherwise, are being met with a slap on the wrist and discounted as a "learning process" when they should have been met with appropriate punishment. No... mistakes are not okay. For those who need a reminder, mistakes refer to events that were NOT supposed to take place.

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How I Learned to Love Geography

I rather hated geography in school.

Memorizing lists upon lists of countries (despite my love for lists) seemed a tedious and reward-less task. Why do I need to know where Slovakia is (no offense to any Slovakians reading this)? With no motivation to give me a swift kick in the rear, all I was left with was a map and a boring evening ahead.

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