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The TGIF Attitude Toward Work is Outdated

In agrarian societies, much of the daylight hours were spent acquiring or creating food, water, shelter or warmth — the bare necessities. You would wake up early to go hunt or gather food for the day, or cary makeshift barrels of water from the river or tend to your crops. By the days end, it was dark and what little light you had was the glow from a camp fire or torches. Very little time was spent doing something just because you loved doing it — everything was a function of survival.

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If You Could Relive Today

Imagine if you were given the opportunity to relive each day. As soon as it ended, you began again, fully aware of the events that were to take place. In those moments of stress, worry, anxiety or uncertainty, you knew the consequences and, the second time around, were able to fend them off with a surge of confident optimism or retrospective clarity.

I must admit, the thought is nice...

But time travel isn't changing anything; you would simply know when to laugh at life and enjoy the moments.

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