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You are the Average of Your Friend Group

Moving back to Baton Rouge after having been away for most of four years has opened my eyes to the power of context within community. Context refers to space and environment in which your life is lived out. To illustrate, if two brothers decided to go to different schools - one to Liberty University and the other to UCLA, though they come from the same background, they're both students and they both are attending school, their context is quite different and it is highly plausible that they will return after graduation as vastly different people. The characters of a story shape the plot and the hero.

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The Art of the Mini-Sabbatical

In that moment I was grounded. I could feel the fire. I could taste the coffee. I could hear the music. I soaked it all in, intentionally ingraining the memory in my mind. Surrounding me sat some of the men who I respect most in life and my stomach was full on southern cooking - it couldn't get much better than that.

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Camping 101

I woke up and groggily stepped outside of my room. As I opened the door I was immediately welcomed by a cool, fall breeze. My heart skipped a beat as the fresh air awakened my senses.

"YES!" I thought. "Fall is here."

And when fall is here, it means camping season is here. Warm fires, wool socks, black coffee (or not) and flap jacks - it's all a part of the magic of camping in Autumn. If you have never been camping, don't worry! I got your back.

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