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5 Ways to Begin Simplifying Your Wants

Minimalism. It's one of those trendy things that's mildly controversial as well. So we see people becoming minimalists — or at least believing that they are — around every corner. But you want to know a secret? They're home or their office will soon be full of stuff before long. It isn't just your collection of things that needs to be simplified... it's your wants. After purging your home of unnecessary items, you'll find yourself right back where you started in a year if you never learned to quell the incessant desires of a 21st Century mind.

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I was so annoyed at myself...

Last weekend I attended a friend's wedding where I got to see and catch up with a lot of old friends. Of course, the classic, "how've things been going?" question inevitably started every conversation.

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An Unpopular Perspective on Pain

Some things can only be appreciated when contrasted with it's opposite. The things we love, we often take for granted until we've lost them. It is scientifically proven that gratitude is a key factor in happiness. In a roundabout sort of way... so is adversity.

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You can choose to put yourself in the way of beauty

Beauty is everywhere; it's our choice whether or not we see it. Sometimes this takes practice... in fact, I'm still practicing. I'm practicing because I choose to see and appreciate the simple things. I choose to put myself in the way of beauty.

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If You Could Relive Today

Imagine if you were given the opportunity to relive each day. As soon as it ended, you began again, fully aware of the events that were to take place. In those moments of stress, worry, anxiety or uncertainty, you knew the consequences and, the second time around, were able to fend them off with a surge of confident optimism or retrospective clarity.

I must admit, the thought is nice...

But time travel isn't changing anything; you would simply know when to laugh at life and enjoy the moments.

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