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Creating Alone vs. Collaboration

I recently celebrated my 1-year work-iversery with an insanely talented creative team and I've realized that over the past year, not only have I created better work, but I've enjoyed the creative process more! Surrounding yourself and working with other people who are more talented than you are, is the single quickest way to learn, create and advance.

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Group Flow: 5 triggers to help your team work together

Brainstorming is a word creative people like to toss around, but do we actually know how to be effective in our brainstorming sessions? I want to introduce a concept from Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler's book, BOLD in which they explore the idea of "creative flow." It's this mystical state of being where ideas fuse seamlessly, your focus is locked and you're producing your best work with an alarming speed and creative vision. Except that it's not mystical. It's completely real. In a previous post I looked at six triggers, both environmental and psychological, that will throw you into a state of flow.

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