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Life doesn't suck when you refocus on this promise

When something is not actively present in our lives - especially something as abstract as an idea - it becomes relatively easy to let it slip out of our minds. I think in our pews-and-hymnals faith, we often forget that what lies ahead is far greater than what is in store for us on this earth. A new heaven and a new earth holds the promise of a perfect, loving Creator in fellowship with His creation. Us. Can you image that?

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When life gives you lemons, it doesn't matter cause you got gumbo at home.

Hey kid! I've got a proposition for ya, I think you're gonna love it. You know I'm running my own company and we've done pretty well over the last five years... well, I was thinking that once you graduated college you might like to come work for me! I've got a position with your name on it. It's a pretty good job if I do say so myself... you'll be making six figures to start not to mention bonuses, a company car and some great perks. Anyway, if you're up for it, I have a few requests for you. I want you to complete every homework assignment, make A's on every exam, get involved in a student life organization on campus and volunteer at the local food shelters on the weekends. If you can do that, the job is yours. Waddaya say kid?

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