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How self-pity will destroy our chances to make a difference

No one likes people who wallow in self-pity.

Amiright? It's cringe-worthy. It makes you want to slap them in the face with a fish and tell them to, "get over yourself, man!"

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Stop being so humble!

Humility is one of those words that, somewhere along the way, has gotten lost in translation. Kind of like the word "love." I love my family. I also love pizza (can I get an amen?). The term has simply been demoted from its position of prominence and depth to one of flippant overuse. Like love, humility fell into the same habit of casual use and has since lost the punch in its meaning. Its proper or technical definition is "a modest or low view of one's own importance." These days, it's something more along the lines of, "ego buffer." You can't do anything awesome these days without having to preface your awesomeness with, "I'm so humbled to have this opportunity to..." Let's be honest, most of the people prefacing their Oscar acceptance speech with, "I'm so humbled" don't have a "modest or low view of their own importance."

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