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What I learned from 30+ physicians about Identity

A couple of weeks ago I was photographing physicians in their work environments. As I moved from office to O.R. to board room shooting nearly 20 physicians over the course of two days I was struck by the demeanor and the attitude that they all seemed to possess. Man, woman, old, young, black, white, experienced, inexperienced... it didn't matter. Not a single one of them was concerned about whether every hair was in place or whether their makeup was perfect or whether their clothes were wrinkled.

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Who you've become > What you've done

Just last week, a few of my friends and I were discussing what things we often connected our identity to. For some, it was achievement in school. For others, it was their job title. For me, it was the projects that I found myself involved with. Somewhere in the depths of my mind, keeping myself busy with unique, creative projects was of such importance that my identity was tied to it.

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Crafting Your Identity Part II: begin with your story


Building an identity begins with your story.

Rarely is anyone given the opportunity to completely reinvent themselves. Perhaps if you're Jason Bourne - but for the average guy, we are an ever-evolving human being building upon our past, not starting from scratch. Your story is made up of the moments and memories of each experience from your birth until the present. Every experience is filtered through past experiences and filed away in your mind as having reinforced what you knew to be true or as challenging what you thought to be true. With every experience, who you are is more fully developed. You may begin to rethink your perception of friendships or better understand the complexities of the female mind (note: I said BETTER understand not fully understand). All of those pieces fit together in your mind, allowing you to draw conclusions about the world based on what you know. This is your worldview - the way you ingest and respond to life.

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