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The #1 Key to Saving Money and Bypassing Impulse Buys

As I write this I'm right in the middle of saving for the biggest purchase of my life, to date. I'm saving for a home but the catch is that I want to purchase or build a home and incur no debt. Obviously, the task ahead of me is large so the only chance that I have of achieving this goal in a timely manner is to save a large portion of my paycheck. I don't know about you but saving is a difficult task for most. Seeing the money enter your bank account in a couple of big chunks each month sends a massive shot of endorphins to your brain. It's exciting and empowering. "Look at all this cash!" Subconsciously, you know that money has "House" written all over it, but until you make that transfer into your savings account, it's fair game right?

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Free Tool To Validate Your Business Idea

Imagine waking up to a larger bank account than you had when you fell asleep. Crazy right?

It's a reality for a lot of people who have created a passive, online (usually) business and it can be a reality for you too. WARNING: it takes some hard work in the beginning, but the payoff will come! People around the world are pursuing what they love and turning into a full-time, sustainable business that generates enough revenue to support their family.

The best part is that you don't have to go pro right off the bat. Growing a business takes time and you can start off by just earning an extra $500-$1,000 per month to give you some extra spending money (or capital to grow your business!).

Here are the first four steps to testing your business idea - you can do these in 10 minutes or less using the tool that I'm giving you guys at the bottom of this post. Hopefully, this will at least show you the feasibility of starting a business.

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