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A Short Guide to Becoming a Creative Pioneer

After you've been in an industry for some time, you tend to see the same ideas over and over again. (This post is probably one such idea.) Sometimes, just to get a different perspective, you must venture outside of your field and go explore something completely new. When you're diving into a new topic, much of what you'll consume will be foreign to you which will prompt your brain to perk its noodly ears up. You're not blocking out ideas you've heard before, you're not wading through pages of old material and you're not bored. You're attention is at its peak and you're soaking up everything that you can in a childish attempt to understand this new perspective.

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How to overcome the 4 biggest fears holding you back.

I am one of those people who loves things to be just so; I like my pens lined up in perfect rows on my desk and my coffee to be the  (Okay, it's not that bad). Sometimes, this desire for perfection in everything I do tends to cause this enormous pile of content that I have created but haven't put out there to the world. I've got about a hundred ideas in my Evernote notebooks that are marinating, waiting for me to cross the t's and dot the i's before I let them breathe.

I've been trying to break this habit and, as a result, in the last eight months I have:

Questions and fears must be bombarding you right now. I know the feeling! Let's address a few of those concerns:

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5 Pep-Talks to Help You Seize the Day

Giving a pep-talk is something of an art form. A good pep-talk will leave you speechless (or grunting manly chants) but not weak. Your mind, heart, and soul will be emblazoned with a fiery desire to do... something. Anything, really. Some days, a good pep-talk is all we need to get our blood pumping, our creative juices flowing and our gears grinding.

WARNING: viewing the following videos may result in:

  • Sprinting up a mountain
  • Investing all of your money into volatile stocks
  • Asking out that cute girl you've had your eye on
  • Threatening a bully who is more than 3x your size

These pep-talks are chicken soup for the passionate soul.
Eat up, my friend.

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The 4 Best Commencement Speeches to Send You Out

Many of you reading this blog are recent graduates or soon-to-be graduates. But for those of you who are *ahem* familiar with the game of life, don't go away. These Commencement Addresses have both inspired and entertained me with the perfect mix of wisdom, wrapped up in humor.

You'll recognize the familiar faces of these speakers - they've become national icons and for good reason. Without further ado...

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52 Blog Topics to Get You Started

When we go back to our roots - stories were how we communicated. It allowed us to show others what we understood and why we understood it instead of trying to trick them, seduce them, or force them into aligning their worldview with ours. Stories often resonate with people because it leads them to a familiar experience. Sometimes those familiar experiences are ones that tap into an old memory and bring back to life a wealth of emotion. Sometimes, however, we can tell a story that takes people back to experiences they wished they had. This is equally as powerful as we are able to give them a taste of what can be instead of what was. We can inspire, connect, explain, and resonate through story.

I have put together a list of 52 Blog Topics to give you an action plan for the next year (post once per week). These topics will allow you to Inspire, Equip, Counsel and Refer your readers, engaging them on a personal and meaningful level. Tell beautiful stories!

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8 People I Highly Regard (Who Are Still Alive)

A while back I wrote a post on Guides. Guides help to shape us and also help to move us from one point along our story arc to another. The crazy part about the modern world is that we can choose our own guides and be guides to others without ever shaking their hand or sitting down for coffee. Many of my guides are people I have never met (though I hope to some day). I have gleaned so much from the gentlemen below and I just wanted to share a little of their stories with you so that perhaps you can learn from them as well.


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7 Reasons to Begin Blogging

I have started blogging on at least three occasions, failing each time within months. I found myself unable to keep to a posting schedule, unable to write anything of worth to anyone else and lacking motivation to write anything at all six days out of the week. This was, in part, due to my inability to write well which was prolonged by a multi-year long stint of reading nothing but school text books and photography gear reviews. Whatever the case may have been, I have found myself increasingly motivated to write over the past year and a half which has resulted in this blog and a corresponding book. So what changed? My purpose.

This post goes out to the courageous ones who want to start blogging. To you, I want to simply ask, "why?".

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