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The learners inherit the future.

There's no doubt that the last 100 years have been a time of explosive growth and innovation. Communication has evolved from the telegraph to FaceTime. Careers have evolved from pension plans at big companies to the “Gig Economy” where people make a living off of $5 gigs. Transportation has evolved from fickle Model T’s to electric cars.

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Here are my weaknesses — what are yours?

Part of creating a healthy life is taking a candid look at your weaknesses. Throw out your bias, let down your defenses and confront them head on. Because once you've taken inventory of your weakness, the awareness alone can help you overcome them. Often, even the simple act of acknowledging and claiming your weaknesses can lead to a happier outlook on life — not because you're happy that they're there but because you know who you are and that you're not alone.

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