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Negativity is noise.

Life is hard. Harder for some than others. But in general, everyone has a lot of balls in the air. Budgeting, car maintenance, cleaning the house, committee meetings, career, Church, soccer practice, yard work… you get the idea. All of that activity piles up and two things start to happen...

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Life is a Series of Gaps Between the Moments of Pain

Think for a moment about every good story you’ve told. I’m willing to bet they all have one thing in common — a challenge. Whether it’s a ring that must be cast into the fires of Mount Doom or a nose-less, power-hungry wizard who must be defeated, there is always a hardship or an obstacle or a trial that makes the victory at the end seem sweeter.

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Embracing Life Requires Embracing Uncertainty

Uncertainty is scary. There's potential for loss, for pain and for difficulty. There's no guarantee of success or even opportunity. But for all of the risk that uncertainty brings, if you're not diving in headfirst, you'll never grow. Carol Dweck, a well-known Stanford University psychologist, introduced the concept of a growth mindset.

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Square One Part IV: Your anxiety of the future ends here.

It is entirely too easy to stress out about our futures. Can I get an amen? If you're anything like me, dreaming, constructing and planning my future is what I do on my down time. I generally have a couple handfuls of different futures planned out for myself at any given time. It all depends on which opportunities arise or don't arise, what the economic climate looks like, who I marry, what my job will be, how my interests change... the variables (and the resulting futures) are endless. For a lot of people this can be anxiety inducing as it reinforces just how out of control we are.

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A Critique of Criticism (and PDA)

A quick disclaimer: few phrases frustrate me more than, "Don't judge me". The sentiment itself, whether a fear of criticism, a plea to be affirmed or a childish defiance of disapproval, is naive and pathetic. Naive, because people just judge. Right or wrong, it’s what we do, it’s how we make decisions. A blanket statement that judgment itself is wrong, flippantly disregards all of those who prudently avoided doing something stupid, hurtful or self-destructive by judging another person’s actions. It’s pathetic because it shows no self-assurance. If we don’t have the wherewithal to make a decision and shrug off judgment or defend it, we won’t get very far at all. For your own sake, be judged. People will never be pleased.

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When life gives you lemons, it doesn't matter cause you got gumbo at home.

Hey kid! I've got a proposition for ya, I think you're gonna love it. You know I'm running my own company and we've done pretty well over the last five years... well, I was thinking that once you graduated college you might like to come work for me! I've got a position with your name on it. It's a pretty good job if I do say so myself... you'll be making six figures to start not to mention bonuses, a company car and some great perks. Anyway, if you're up for it, I have a few requests for you. I want you to complete every homework assignment, make A's on every exam, get involved in a student life organization on campus and volunteer at the local food shelters on the weekends. If you can do that, the job is yours. Waddaya say kid?

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Don't Freak Out

Sometimes it's okay to not know the answer.

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What if you don't want to be a doctor any more?

Stop living in the past, hung up on the time you spent crafting your life into something you didn't want to be. Revel in the possibilities that lie ahead, now that you know what you want to become.

The biggest adventure you can take is to risk the expected to reach for your dreams.

Doctor... listen to your heart.

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If You Could Relive Today

Imagine if you were given the opportunity to relive each day. As soon as it ended, you began again, fully aware of the events that were to take place. In those moments of stress, worry, anxiety or uncertainty, you knew the consequences and, the second time around, were able to fend them off with a surge of confident optimism or retrospective clarity.

I must admit, the thought is nice...

But time travel isn't changing anything; you would simply know when to laugh at life and enjoy the moments.

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128 Things Travel Taught Me About Life

This is a list of anecdotes, split about 50/50 between Jacob and Micah, compiled from their travels over the last two months through Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

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12 Things to Have by Graduation

Having recently graduated college, I have an incredibly clear hindsight of what was worth my time and investment over the last four years. Here are ten things that I have found to be invaluable in making a clean transition.

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Why are we called to vibrant living?

I can try to convince you that vibrant living is an obligation. I can and have used reason to prove my societal and theological grounds for such a claim.

But I won't.

Perhaps it's because I'm too lazy to try to convince you... but I think its because, despite a well-reasoned argument, some people simply do not have the courage or the will to go off script. So all I can do is ask.

Will you join me?

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What does a vibrant life look like?

You put the last piece in its place and step back to admire your handiwork. As your eyes scan the image sprawled out before you, you see it. Just there, in the middle of the house tucked away in the forest near the waterwheel. A piece is missing. You know the feeling - when the puzzle is one piece short of perfect. It's irritating and imbalanced and you can't help but feel a twinge of disappointment.

Life, too, is irritating, imbalanced and brings its fair share of disappointment when a piece of it is missing. Zig Ziglar has his "Wheel of Life" and Donald Miller has his "How to live a good story". These individuals have analyzed life and each, in their own way, broken it down into parts we can grasp so the whole thing doesn't feel so overwhelming. While they each look at life through a unique lens, they all have one thing in common - living a balanced life. None of them recommend being all work no play. None of them recommend the opposite. Because no one likes to leave out a piece of a puzzle. It's incomplete. Broken.

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What does it mean to live "vibrantly"?

My cursor sweeps across the screen selecting pixels, shifting them from here to there, boosting this, enhancing that. Photoshop - a powerful piece of software that allows users to create and manipulate digital pixels within an image - has been a huge part of my life for several years now. Perhaps this is where the word originated in my mind - vibrancy.

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Bridge Over Troubled Waters - Part II (Guest Blog by Micah Webber)

You know whenever you're looking at a map with no little arrow or friendly "You Are Here" marker? Without any initial orientation the map is basically useless to you. That is why I think it is important to be intentional and cognizant of who you are and who you are becoming. If we orient ourselves in the present by being introspective, by asking these questions and considering these ideas, we naturally become intentional about who we are growing into and where we are headed in life. To live in the present, we must think of the present.

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Pack Light.

The enjoyment of travel is inversely proportionate to the amount of baggage you carry with you.
The same is true for life.

Don't let the weight of baggage ruin such a fabulous adventure. Pack light.

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