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Start by Not Doing the Wrong Thing

Sometimes it's difficult to do know if we're doing the "right thing" or not. We might question whether something is our "calling" or if we were meant for something else. We might be jealous of someone else's career or lifestyle. We might struggle with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and feel like if we're not doing everything we're missing out on "that one thing."

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What you're doing matters more than what you're "supposed to do."

People often get bent out of shape and worry over trying to figure out what they're supposed to "do" with their lives. Meanwhile, they're bypassing opportunities out of fear that they might lead them down the wrong path. But who's to say it's the wrong path when you don't know what the right one is? Heck, some people aren't even trying to forge their own paths and can be found sitting on a rock at an intersection where they were left years ago.

Consider this: What you are supposed to "do" with your life matters a lot less than what you are "doing" with your life.

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