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Why do we feel closer to God in the wilderness?

When we look back through Scriptures we see God using the wilderness as a space in which He can communicate with His people. He called Abraham into the wilderness to tell him of His promises. He called Moses into the wilderness to manifest Himself through a burning bush. He called Elijah into the wilderness to speak through a gentle whisper. He called Jacob into the wilderness to speak to him through a dream.

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An Invitation to Friendship

Friendship is such a unique relationship because of the diverse nature of them. It would seem that relationships are tracked along this slow incline of a timeline. So the longer you’ve known each other, the better friends you should be. Time would seem like a good gauge of friendship in my opinion. But what I’ve noticed is that the timeline has very little to do with the actual depth of the friendship. One friendship could come into your life and within moments, it’s clear that you’ll be best friends for life. Others, after months or even years of living life with them, still haven’t made it past the “phase of life” sort of friendship.

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Here are my weaknesses — what are yours?

Part of creating a healthy life is taking a candid look at your weaknesses. Throw out your bias, let down your defenses and confront them head on. Because once you've taken inventory of your weakness, the awareness alone can help you overcome them. Often, even the simple act of acknowledging and claiming your weaknesses can lead to a happier outlook on life — not because you're happy that they're there but because you know who you are and that you're not alone.

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I was so annoyed at myself...

Last weekend I attended a friend's wedding where I got to see and catch up with a lot of old friends. Of course, the classic, "how've things been going?" question inevitably started every conversation.

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Do those closest to you respect you most?

If we are only respected at a surface level, we'll be tempted to keep all of our relationships shallow and never be vulnerable with anyone. Secondly, I believe that keeping greatness under wraps shows a level of humility that is echoed through Scripture when Jesus tells us, "But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing," (Matthew 6:3). 

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Making Room for Intimacy

The most beautiful example of this, of course, is Christ. He, as the groom and we, as the bride, are in this deeply intimate relationship. And while He holds every power of the universe within a single breath, He releases us be our own person, make our own mistakes and choose our own path. Of course, the deeper we are in relationship with Him, we discover our path begins to align with His as He guides us through His Word and His Spirit, constantly presenting us with truth, calling us to follow Him but then letting us do with it what we will. Sometimes we'll make decisions that aren't the best for us. And in those mistakes where we realize that we're messy, we press in to His truth and His love and find intimacy waiting for us.

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Square One Part VI: are you part of the secret club?

You can't escape it.

It bombards you at every turn and is embedded into your heart from the time you're born.

It's the need to belong. We're communal creatures and we long to know that to someone... somewhere... we belong. Mostly we just want to be a part of a club that meets in a treehouse and has a top secret password like "open sesame." But for those of us not fortunate enough to get in with the cool kids, we just want to know we're loved without condition.

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The Untold Gift of Travel

I blink twice. Black silhouettes of trees blur in and out of focus; the bill of my cap gently taps the glass preventing me from smushing my nose up against the window pane. The bus continues along at a brisk pace, yet the objects outside of my window seem to be moving slowly as though part of another world. As we pass by a wind farm, I can barely make out the faint outline of hundreds of windmills dotting the landscape as they spin moonlight into gold. A strong sense of nostalgia washes over me as dozens of memories from the past two months begin to flick through my mind like those moving frames of a guy in a bowler hat riding a bicycle with an oversized front wheel. Certain frames elicit memories of home; summer-evening barbeque's, Church potlucks and movie nights with my family and one thought begins to shout above the others: it will be nice to be home.

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