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Here's how "all the cool things happen to me."

You know those moments when something wonderful and unexpected happens? I get butterflies and have to do all that I can to not shout at the top of my lungs. Well one of these things happened for me just the other day. Thank goodness I was in my car and could shout as loud as I wanted (though I wonder what the people next to me at the stoplight were thinking).

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A Practical Guide to Creating Your Own Luck

Is luck this elusive fairy godmother that only grants wishes to a few randomly selected good looking people? Perhaps it isn't as random as we'd like to think. In fact, it might be—to an extent—reproducible. I want to pull back the curtain a bit and give us a glimpse into the world of opportunity because I believe that with practice, time and a little work, we might be able to create a bit of luck for ourselves.

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