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A Critique of Criticism (and PDA)

A quick disclaimer: few phrases frustrate me more than, "Don't judge me". The sentiment itself, whether a fear of criticism, a plea to be affirmed or a childish defiance of disapproval, is naive and pathetic. Naive, because people just judge. Right or wrong, it’s what we do, it’s how we make decisions. A blanket statement that judgment itself is wrong, flippantly disregards all of those who prudently avoided doing something stupid, hurtful or self-destructive by judging another person’s actions. It’s pathetic because it shows no self-assurance. If we don’t have the wherewithal to make a decision and shrug off judgment or defend it, we won’t get very far at all. For your own sake, be judged. People will never be pleased.

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Badges of Dishonor: our culture's obsession with foolish habits

Our culture openly praises foolishness.

I wish I could make exceptions for my friends, family... even myself. Yet it seems that no matter what situation I find myself in, I'm greeted by the incessant boasting of feats that do nothing but publicly display the boaster's ignorance, lack of self-control or, in some instances, complete idiocy. If I may make a reference to pop culture to illustrate my point, turn your attention to one of our "stars."

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