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Someone appointed you their mentor... now what?

Before, when I have written on the idea of a Guide, I have spoken in terms of you finding those respected heroes in your life to guide you (here are my guides) through your journeys. At the very end of this post, however, I pointed out the somewhat frightening thought that we might very well be someone else's guide, whether we know it or not! *Begin Frantic Panicking Now* But what does that mean?!? No one ever tells us what it means to be a guide. How the heck are we supposed to mentor someone? I've identified four things (I'm sure there're more.. don't freak out) that I believe guides are called to do.

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8 People I Highly Regard (Who Are Still Alive)

A while back I wrote a post on Guides. Guides help to shape us and also help to move us from one point along our story arc to another. The crazy part about the modern world is that we can choose our own guides and be guides to others without ever shaking their hand or sitting down for coffee. Many of my guides are people I have never met (though I hope to some day). I have gleaned so much from the gentlemen below and I just wanted to share a little of their stories with you so that perhaps you can learn from them as well.


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12 Things to Have by Graduation

Having recently graduated college, I have an incredibly clear hindsight of what was worth my time and investment over the last four years. Here are ten things that I have found to be invaluable in making a clean transition.

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Choosing Our Guide

The stories with grit and substance never choose a hero who is assured a victory nor do they provide the hero with all of the answers. To do so would shortcut the beginning to the end with very little struggle in between. When it comes to story, the struggle is the engine driving the plot, motivating the characters and gripping the attention of its audience.

To relieve a story of its conflict is to rip out its heart.

However, while the author cannot write of an all-knowing, all-powerful hero, he cannot very well write of a helpless, flailing hero either. So he gives him a guide. 

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