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How to Build a Life of Maximum Return

As I grow up and try my hand at this whole “adult” thing, I’ve been putting a lot of thought and energy into the idea of investments. Whether it’s stocks or real estate, passive or aggressive, dividends or no dividends, simple or complicated, there are an endless number of strategies and theories that claim to be the best way to invest. The more I do my homework, the more conversations I have and the more I ask myself what I truly want out of life, I’ve begun to realize that the theories that steer the way we invest also steer many other areas of our lives.

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A Case for Getting Rich

I want to ask you a question: all other things equal, who is most empowered to do good for the world?

  1. The person who makes $50,000/year with $100,000 in the bank
  2. The person who makes $300,000/year with $10,000,000 in the bank
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The #1 Key to Saving Money and Bypassing Impulse Buys

As I write this I'm right in the middle of saving for the biggest purchase of my life, to date. I'm saving for a home but the catch is that I want to purchase or build a home and incur no debt. Obviously, the task ahead of me is large so the only chance that I have of achieving this goal in a timely manner is to save a large portion of my paycheck. I don't know about you but saving is a difficult task for most. Seeing the money enter your bank account in a couple of big chunks each month sends a massive shot of endorphins to your brain. It's exciting and empowering. "Look at all this cash!" Subconsciously, you know that money has "House" written all over it, but until you make that transfer into your savings account, it's fair game right?

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