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Fight for what Matters & Let the Rest Go

I'm convinced that one of the greatest secrets to living harmoniously with people is choosing your battles. If the outcome of your opponent's side of the issue is either reversible, a matter of opinion or rates low on a scale of importance then it's often best to not say anything at all, smile and move on. Because living in harmony is worth the price of not getting your way every once in a while.

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10 Things to Stop Caring About

The world loves to tell us what we should care about - usually as some sort of marketing ploy, other times just to promote someone's agenda. It's far too easy to get wrapped up in these sorts of things because everyone else is - it's a herd mentality. If everyone is telling me that I should care about it... well, maybe I should!

There are certainly a large number of things worth your time and attention. Some however, just aren't worth it.

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