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How to Organize Your Clothing Using the KonMari Method

Marie Kondo is a Japanese organization consultant who has made a name for herself through her meticulous and systematized approach to reducing clutter and organizing everything that remains. You can find her methods outlined in her book Spark Joy.

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The best organizational strategy

Stuff... it's everywhere. We're unsure what to do with an item so we place it on the ironing board that never got put up. We were in a rush one day and couldn't fold our clothes so we left them in a pile on our couch... and lived out of that pile for two weeks. We get a piece of paper that we're sure might come in handy sometime in the future so we place it in the stack of other paper that might come in handy sometime in the future. Our bike pops a tire but we don't have time to fix it, but we might later, so we stash it in the garage alongside the wheelbarrow that also has a flat tire, the deflated basketball and the shovel with a broken handle.

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15 Awesome Tools Organized People Use To Get Their Lives In Order

Successful people are often organized people. It's no secret - they achieve incredible productivity and fulfillment through intentional action, a balanced routine, and a decluttered lifestyle. Here are a few incredible, low-budget tools and proven practices that they use to maintain control of their life.

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Organizing Evernote: for the obsessive freaks like me

Evernote has been an invaluable tool to help me organize my life. It allows me to mind-vomit my thoughts, inspiration, lists, questions, work and more so that I can get everything out of my head.

I wrote this post explaining that process on using Evernote to help you destress, hone your focus and begin creating the best work of your life. But I wanted to go a bit further in unveiling my personal processes to help y'all understand just how customizable you can get and hopefully inspire y'all to have fun creating your own system.

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How to Relieve Stress & Create the Best Work of Your Life

I have been fascinated by the practices and rituals of the world's elite. Those masterminds who consistently seem to be producing extraordinary content and still find time to read 50 books a year. How do they juggle everything that they have going on without collapsing under the demands on their time and energy?

What I'm about to show you is a proven system for many individuals to help them improve their focus, produce their best work and manage their time without compromising their sanity.

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