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To get what you want, deserve what you want.

This evening we were recording a podcast episode with Jay Ducote, a nationally acclaimed food blogger, radio show host and culinary personality. His story starts at a desk job where he began journaling what he had for lunch each day on a Blogger site back in 2009. Seven years later, he has been on Food Network Star, MasterChef and several other networks and has grown his blog, Bite and Booze, into a media company with its hands in radio, writing, video, speaking and cooking.

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Have you ever felt burnt-out and kind of lost?

Success seems to always be in high demand. Perhaps as a result of the constant pressure to one-up yourself, pull a new rabbit out of the proverbial hat or to win at life, in an evil twist of irony, life seems to throw you on your back and take control. And ALWAYS at the most inopportune times!

I've been, in a weird way, relieved by people like Buffer and Startup revealing the dips of real life along with the highs. And okay, maybe I'm putting this out there because my subconscious is hoping that a multi-million dollar investor will empathize with me and give me money, but for better or worse...

I'm tired.

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"Vibrant" Doesn't Mean Perfect

Smooth sailing is a thing of daydreams. It doesn't happen. The waters will get choppy, the thunderheads will open their floodgates and lightening will strike too close for comfort. Vibrant living doesn't boast a perfect life. Vibrant living boasts a life of contentment, perseverance and joy.

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The Fears of a New Blogger (Guest Blog by Alex Robertson)

I began a blog three years ago.
But I didn't start blogging until this summer.
I was very scared to start because of so many people that have started before have failed.
Started and stop being faithful.
Or they were the crazy people who no one ever read.
Or they are so abstract that no one understands them.
I wanted to write on religious matters - but that had been done.
I wanted to write on topics that the modern church was facing - but that had been done.
So, I did just that.

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