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The Difficult Path to Health and Balance Starts Here

One of the most interesting metrics by which you can refine your type was by whether or not you are a healthy version of your type. I’m not referring to how physically fit you are, but rather how balanced you are as a person. There could be a healthy 3 and an unhealthy 3 standing next to each other and, though they’re the same personality type, they would seem very different. The unhealthy 3 would display the 3’s weaknesses in very obvious, damaging ways. The healthy 3, on the other hand, would display the strengths of the 3’s type and will have a more balanced response to life.

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Why should we create?

From my blog to my books, to my upcoming podcast, to my career — a majority of what I invest my time in is creating content. And then I turn a stare into the ocean of content that bombards us every day on social media, websites and apps and realize a very stark truth: if I wasn't creating this content for myself, I'd be inclined to give up.

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