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In any fight, there's always a way to change your position.

A couple of nights ago, I was watching Never Back Down. It's a fast-paced, high-intensity movie about a young high school football player, Jake Tyler, who finds himself in the midst of the Mixed Martial Arts scene when he moves to Orlando, Florida. When he joins a gym and begins training under the MMA champion, Jean Roqua, Jean is equally trying to strengthen him physically but also mentally and emotionally. Using fighting as a textbook for life, he begins teaching Jake that he can't go through life blaming others for his situation or being reactive to his circumstances. Rather, he must live pro-actively and take responsibility for his life.

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Stop pursuing your dream with reckless abandon!

I love listening to motivational speakers because, most often, it's like listening to stand-up comedy.

"Do you have a dream, ma'am? Yes ma'am, you in the front row, red sweater. Do you have a dream? May I ask what it is?"
"Um... okay... to... to have my own cooking show."
"And what an incredible dream that is! Give her a round of applause for her courage folks."
"Ma'am... you've just admitted to us what your dream is... that took courage. Now the biggest step is over with. We're all going to be here to support you along your journey as you pursue your dream. Pursue it with gusto! Pursue it with vigor! Pursue it with a reckless abandon!"

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