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How Planning Empowers Spontaneity

I'm a planner. Have been since college. And while I enjoyed spontaneity, it wasn't something that I purposefully embraced. In fact, it wasn't until I backpacked across 11 countries the summer after graduation that I realized how planning and spontaneity actually work together! It's an unusual concept, I know, but hear me out.

I believe that planning, in the sense that you have a good grasp on your own life, can actually empower you to embrace spontaneity without screwing up your life in the process.

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Plans are okay. Missions are better.

When I was younger, I use to make plans obsessively. I had a 6-month plan, a 1-year plan, a 3-year plan, a 5-year plan, a 10-year plan and a 20-year plan. And then I changed my mind about a seemingly inconsequential decision and it screwed up my 6-month plan and then my 1-year plan and then my 3-year plan until I finally had to sit down and rethink everything.

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Simplify (Part III): a brief guide to becoming less busy.

Our time is the most precious non-renewable resource we have and yet I find myself spending a great deal of it on things that offer little meaningful return or value. At the same time, I envy those who have painted masterpieces or written novels by the time they were my age. The lopsided nature of what we wish we had time to do and what we spend the time we do have doing is quite befuddling considering the access and opportunity that we are privileged to have these days.

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Everyone used to set them religiously until they got tired of failing. Now their resolution is simply to survive... come what may. There are a few things that I have come to understand about life (from my extensive 22 years of experience).

1. You won't always accomplish your goals...

Life is such an ever-evolving organism, swayed by this piece of legislation or that natural disaster. We're never quite sure what to expect. Even if the local world in which we operate on a daily basis doesn't change all that much, we do. We grow, we learn, we adapt. As we understand more about our world our priorities change which shape what we want in life.

2. but having them is better than not...

If you set out on a roadtrip to Colorado without a map, you may eventually get there but it will almost be by accident. If, however, you have a map and on the way to Colorado you drive near Tennessee and decide to go there instead, you can change direction with relative ease. Knowing where you're going is better than wondering aimlessly (most of the time).

3. because a journey is just as important as a destination.

Even if you never accomplish your goals, it doesn't mean you shouldn't set them. The process of prioritizing your life based on your values - even if your priorities or values change later on - helps provide you with a starting point, a destination and a route to follow.

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