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Adventure is the AED kit for our mind

Though we may not realize it, humans have only a certain amount of decision making power each day - some of it is used up deciding which outfit we will wear today, some is spent deciding what to have for breakfast... all throughout the day, our mind is engaging choice after choice, weighing options, thumbing through the files of our mental history to find the best solution for our life in the moment. As the day wears on, we drain that mental resource across the vast number of decisions we make every hour.

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The Art of the Mini-Sabbatical

In that moment I was grounded. I could feel the fire. I could taste the coffee. I could hear the music. I soaked it all in, intentionally ingraining the memory in my mind. Surrounding me sat some of the men who I respect most in life and my stomach was full on southern cooking - it couldn't get much better than that.

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