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3 Steps to Serving to Your Maximum Potential

When Elon Musk was still in college, he decided that there were three industries that are of extreme importance in the survival of mankind: transportation, space and energy. If you know who Elon Musk is, you know that he is the CEO of Tesla Motors (an all-electric car company), CEO of Space X (a private space exploration company) and the Chairman of Solar City (a solar-energy company). He sunk all of his energy, resources and time into the three industries he knew would revolutionize the future and he now runs a billion-dollar company in each. 

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Don't Discard; Overlap

I was Face-timing with one of my best friends just the other day and we were wrestling with the idea of choosing a life path. How do we decide which passion to turn into a career? Is it based on the probability of getting rich or finding "success?" Is it based on what you're best at?

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Thinking about a liberal arts degree? Think about this first.

Ahh that age old question of what you should go to school for. Many are even questioning if higher education is even worth our time any more. I do think it's worth our time, but that's for another entry. Let's assume you're already planning on going to college. What should you get your degree in?

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